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Executive Condominium is the best accommodation for sandwich class citizen and can fulfill our all needs and requirements when a person thinks about having a dream home. Benefits of the Executive Condominium are numerous. They provide us all the best facilities. It is a great opportunity to buy a house in a developed and posh area. EC’s are very spacious with many interesting functionalities.

In EC’s they have well furnished and luxuries houses with good environment. They provide us the houses at affordable prices. It is the best option for us to invest as day by day the demand of EC’s is increasing rapidly. Benefits include clubhouses, special parks for children’s, Gyms for both ladies and gents and many shopping complexes and more.

Benefits of Executive Condominium

Let’s take a look at some of the Benefits of Executive Condominium:

Lucrative investment

Having EC’s as a property is equally beneficial as well as profitable. The very first thing is that you own a luxurious property at affordable prices and the other thing is that you get all the luxuries facilities as well as many other benefits. EC’s also provides us well furnished and moderate kitchens. There is an eco-friendly environment.

Own property

It is the best option to own your own property as EC’s provides a well furnished and luxuries environment. Buying a property in EC’s is the best investment.

Economical & equipped

It is the most popular accommodation that provides the feeling of comforts and luxury of owning a private property at affordable prices. The best benefit of Executive Condominium: is that it brings lots of benefits and facilities for us. The EC’s are designed in a way that they provide facilities from entertainment to luxuries that an owner desires for. It’s the best deal so grab it now and get your own property.

Thinking about owning an Executive Condominium:

EC is introduced by the government of Singapore to encourage middle class or sandwich class citizen to upgrade their living lifestyles and to increase their assets. To own, govt. And lenders provide a loan at the very low-interest rate which motivates home buyers. To own a property in EC’s you must fulfill all their requirements. You have to qualify their eligibility conditions. The owner must have permanent residence proof with minimum 24years of age and their household income should not exceed $16k per month.

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