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First-time home buyers in Singapore are often confused by the distinction between BTOs, Executive Condominium, and fully fledged private condos. Each Property type has their pros and cons, and your income level is also a big concern. Here are the key differences between BTO Flats, Private Condo, and Executive Condo that every Singaporean should know:

BTO Flats:

BTO flats are HBD Properties. As HDB properties, BTO flats can never be sold to foreigners or to companies. You can get CPF Housing Grants for BTO flats. You have the choice to use either the HDB loan or a private bank loan.

BTO flats may require more extensive renovations when moving in. This includes installation of air-conditioning or kitchen facilities. BTOs are overall cheaper than ECs or private properties. BTO flats come with a five-year Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) before you can sell or let out the entire flat.


Private Condo

This type of property is full suite condos, built and sold by private developers. Private properties can be sold to foreigners and companies. There are no HDB restrictions and also no Minimum Occupancy Period. You can buy it and start renting it if you want. There are no government subsidies for Private Property i.e. any CPF housing grants. Private condos are sold with all the kitchen facilities, air-con, shelving, etc. Some are also sold fully furnished, as an option. Maintenance fees are high, compared to BTO properties.

Executive Condo

ECs are full suite condos, meaning they come with private facilities like a pool, a gym, and 24-hour security. Executive Condo’s are built and marketed by private developers, not by HDB. ECs are HDB properties for 10 years. After that, they count as private properties. They can then be sold to foreigners or companies.

You can get CPF Housing Grants for ECs. Renovations for a new EC can be cheaper and quicker if you keep things basic. They tend to come with features like air-conditioning already installed. ECs are a “sandwich class” property, which generally cost more than BTOs but not more than private properties.

The demand for EC type property in Singapore is as high as compared to another type. To cater the demand of EC, Hoi Hup Realty & Sunway Developments brings a brand new EC named Rivercove Residences in the Anchorvale neighborhood of Sengkang, Singapore. It is perfect ECs to live with your family and enjoy a luxurious life.

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