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Executive condominiums, a hybrid of private and public housing, have also been lifted in the resurgent property market. It has been said that Executive Condominiums tend to be a more economical option for the middle-income young families as they are priced 20 to 30 percent lower than a comparable private condo. Buying Executive Condominium is like buying a private property at a discounted price.

Historically, new Executive Condominium launches sold well and were proven to provide greater capital appreciation. But nowadays, Executive Condominium projects have achieved top sales in today’s market.

Executive condominiums have similar facilities and quality as the private condominium; more over executive condominiums are priced lower and eligible first-timer buyers qualify for grants from the government. Executive Condominiums are immensely popular among buyers. Like private condominiums, Executive Condominiums are built and designed by private developers and come with condo facilities such as BBQ pits and swimming pools. As such, New Executive Condominiums are sold at a discount to comparable new private condominiums.


The demand for Executive condominiums has already risen in the past year. The jump in sales can be seen as buyers came back into the market with increasing belief that private residential property prices are stabilizing.

There are some factors due to which buying Executive condominiums in 2018 are expected to be very profitable. Our Executive Condominiums are nearing to top with best in class facilities and quality with competitive pricing. But the most important factor is that Executive condominiums are one of the safest and wisest investments. As today’s private residential, property market, commercial, industrial properties are facing times of uncertainty, so buying an Executive Condominiums is a wiser investment decision and a safer choice.

Executive Condominiums are expected to have good transaction volume in 2018 as it is considered a safer property class. Furthermore, with more existing new Executive Condominiums coming soon, upgrades are expected to make their purchase in 2018 with coming into the Executive Condominiums market. So, if you interested in getting an Executive Condominium, work out your property budget, do start looking around, and make your decision before your preferred Executive Condominiums are quickly taken by other buyers.

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