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If you’ve never lived in Singapore before, you may get a little overwhelmed trying to figure out where to look, what you need and how to go about the whole process. Luckily, it is possible to take the stress out of finding an apartment in Singapore by following these six easy steps.

1. Determine your budget

Before going on a hunt to find an apartment in Singapore, take a good look at how much you are willing to spend on monthly rent. On the whole, it’s recommended that you spend no more than 30 percent of your income on housing costs.

2. Map your daily commute

How much time would you like to spend on your daily commute to work? You would ideally want to live in a place that’s closer to your workplace or school if you have kids. Access to MRT (Mass Rapid Transit,) is another factor to consider. You can use our search to work out commute times.


3. Neighborhood research

Knowing which neighborhoods work for you is the key to narrowing down your options. Speak to your friends & do some researches to figure out which places suit you best. We at Rivercove Residence have also put together a comprehensive neighborhood guide to help you out here.

4. Engage a trusted property agent

A good property agent can keep you informed about the prevailing rent rates, advise you on the kind of property to look for within your budget and help you with the whole documentation process.

5. Narrow down on features you want

Make sure you have spent enough time making a wish list of the features you’re looking for in the new apartment. Your research should go beyond a basic bedroom and bathroom count.

6. Negotiate

The Singapore real estate market has been off its highs & the softer market does provide you opportunities to negotiate more favorable rents. The decline in prices, however, is very specific to different areas & properties, so do ask your agent to assist you during the negotiating process to get a good deal.

Why SINGAPORE is one of the most fun places to live.

An average of 11 million visitors and tourists flock to Singapore every year.
Singapore is made up of one large island and 63 small, mostly uninhabited, surrounding islands.
Singapore is one of three surviving city-states in the world.

Where I can buy property in Singapore?

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