Not just your child, but you can also save time on the commute by being a future resident of Rivercove Residences. Thanks to the location of the condominium complex, it enjoys proximity to many busy centers of commerce, which offer a variety of job opportunities.

The Central Business district is home to the headquarters of major business houses. There are so many offices there that there is always a vacancy to fill. If you can find a job in the CBD, it will take you all of 15 minutes to reach home.

Other important commerce destinations which are under 15 minutes away from the EC complex are the City Center, Seletar Mall, Orchard Shopping Belt, and Compass Point. All of these locations offer jobs related to fashion, food, and retail. So, if you are a professional in one of those fields, you can find work here.

For those engaged in the Science & Technology Center, then head to the Seletar Aerospace Park. The job opportunities depend on the vacancy and the set of skills you have to offer.

As you already know that there are ample schools around the EC complex, you can always apply for a teaching job there. You can also take up an administrative role in those schools.

The time you save by considerably cutting down your commute is the time you will be able to spend with your family or invest in a hobby.


The Lush Green Surroundings

The location of Rivercove Residences is such that it is close enough to the city, so it can offer all the modern facilities to its residents, and close to green patches to offer a serene and greener environment. The project falls right next to the Punggol Reservoir. The thick tree cover, the tranquil water of the reservoir, and the music of the birds makes it a paradise for nature lovers. In fact, most units in the EC project offer a view of this green and serene reservoir.

The Punggol Park Connector by the Rivercove Residences is also a great open space around the project. It is also a destination of choice for many birds in the area like the Purple Heron, Collared Kingfisher, and Little Tern. There is a wetland there too that has been constructed for rainwater harvesting and filtration.

It is a luxury to have such green and clean surroundings. A handful of EC complexes can offer you such a lush green backyard. When you come home every single day, you do not have to live through the honking of horns. You will be welcomed by the chirping of birds and the sound of water and free-flowing wind.

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Proximity to places of worship is an important criterion for many people for choosing a home. Irrespective of your faith, you will be able to find a place of worship and meet like-minded people in a short distance from Rivercove Residences. There is Puat Jit Buddhist Temple, Pu Ti Buddhist Temple, Sengkang Methodist Church, Rivervale Crescent Hindu Temple, Masjid Al-Mawaddah, and many more places to reaffirm your faith and spirituality.


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