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Executive condominiums are gaining popularity among young professionals and first-time homeowners. Another name for economical accommodation is Executive Condominium for sandwich class people. Executive condos are provided with basic amenities. If someone wishes to own the property in Singapore, EC’s provides a great opportunity for them.

Most impressive and exciting thing about the EC’s is, they are economical, spacious and are rigged with interesting features. Invest in a well-furnished Executive Condominium and experience luxury at an affordable price.

Buying a property in Singapore is extremely expensive which is why EC’s have emerged as a popular accommodation and investment option. These EC’s have swimming pools, clubhouse, and playground and lots of other facilities that turn them desirable and a worthy investment option!

Why Executive Condominium is a Good Investment

Executive condominiums (ECs) are gaining popularity. They are 20 percent cheaper in price than a private condominium, offer the same club facilities and go private at the 10th year, they also come with superior fittings and features. The only gripe: many owners complain of the boring, squarish layouts.

Rivercove Residences is a brand new EC situated in Anchorvale Lane. In this year, around 640 units in Sengkang- were put up for sale. The plot is for Executive Condominium development, and is large enough and is close to Anchor Green Primary School. There is big fact that executive condos will make private property after the 10th year and people can resell them at reasonable prices.

The Anchorvale Lane plot represents an opportunity to build this desired property type. There are several schools within 2 km from new Anchorvale Lane. Developers expecting the market to recover by the time this Anchorvale EC is launched. All facilities are near them so that will be very beneficial for people.

For more information visit Rivercove Residences.

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